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Save-the-Date! Dîner en Blanc - Calgary Returns for 2015

Save-the-Date! Diner en Blanc - Calgary returns for the 2015 edition on JULY 30th

The hailstorms have finally subsided and suddenly the seasonal searing summer heat has settled in once again. That river that caught ice and snow only months ago is now looking like the ideal place for a swim. There’s no beach nearby so who’s complaining. Sure there’s the lake and a few more ponds in the area, but as you sit on the banks of the Bow, adjusting the ranch hat that has become slightly crooked on your head leaving the side of your neck exposed to blistering heat, you want something else. Summer is supposed to be about more than escaping the heat. Of course there’s Stampede, that’s fun. But that’s only for a few weeks. The summer is a few months. Wading into the cool water of the river you realize you want something else. Something that can combine the fun of a unique summer event with the desire to stay cool. Massive watergun fight? Mole parties in the air-conditioned basements of basements? No. But upon reaching that last step you dare take, lest the river sweep you away into the unknown swells of the Albertan Rockies, it hits you like the bull that’s just realized some nuisance human is trying to clamber over his noble back. There is an event that combines the refreshing desire to stay cool and the yearning for another unique spectacle to paint the summer. Diner en Blanc. It’s a great time, it’s unique, it happens in the summer, and everyone wears white…. and white reflects heat, keeping you cool. Oh and there’ll be wine! Bucking around the edge of the river, attracting curious glances from passers-by, you jump onto the banks, dry off, run to your office, open your computer and after getting distracted by hilarious videos of cats trying to swim, you load and what you see sends you into rapture…..

Dîner en Blanc – Calgary is returning….. On JULY 30th, 2015.

Le Dîner en Blanc is returning to Calgary and it will be a highlight of the summer! So grab your whitest fine attire, corral your sophisticated friends, and mark the date! Registration has opened!
To complete the nostalgia, watch 2014's video here: 
And view our collections of photos from past years events here: 
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